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How about simplifying your life, RENT!

Renting what you require can help to simplify your life and that job!  For those who like to do those jobs yourself, rather than hiring someone, it means you can expand your abilities by having access to any tool you might require for that job, weekend or otherwise!  

Advance Rentals can even help you, if you require it, with providing some advice for your job needs. This will permit you to get the results you are looking for while saving time and money.

For a Contractor it means no shortages of equipment, reduced downtimes, no equipment to maintain and no storage issues when you no longer require the equipment.

Completing a job can be stressful enough but if you rent from Advance Rentals "Your Complete Rental Shop" you can eliminate those tool & equipment concerns so that you can concentrate on getting your job done and getting the job done right.  We can even deliver what you require to where you need it, if you like.  

Are you asking yourself, Why Rent?

Some people wonder why not purchase or lease the equipment you require rather than renting it?  Well the main reasons for someone renting tools and equipment are for short-term use or perhaps seasonal and peak-period usage.

Short-Term:  When you need that piece of equipment, or a special tool, for either a few hours, a day, a week or maybe even a month or longer, it is usually less expensive to rent it rather than going out and buying it.  There are many short-term requirements for renting a piece of equipment, a few are:  breakdowns or repairs of currently owned equipment, remodeling or renovating jobs, emergencies or when you might have an unusual job to do and just do not have what you need to get it done.

Seasonal or Peak Period:  Many businesses often experience a period of unusually high activity at different times of the year.  A seasonal or busy period might last a few weeks or up to several months.  

The decision on whether to buy or rent might not be as clear cut when you are looking at a time period of several months as it might be for a shorter term rental (weeks to a month).  Base your decision on what is the more cost effective to you, crunch those numbers, consider initial purchase, taxes, maintenance, storage and perhaps licensing.  Taking into consideration all of those factors will help you make the decision on whether to buy or rent what you require, most people discover that renting is the right choice for them.

~ Consider Some Of The Advantages Of Renting ~

Maintenance costs - a rental contract generally covers maintenance of rented equipment, so no maintenance costs to you.

Down time - when your rental equipment breaks down, where possible, replacement might be done so that you will not lose time and money while the damaged rental equipment is being repaired.

Storage - return equipment that is not being used, rather than using your space to store it let us do it.

Taxes and licensing costs rental equipment does not burden you with certain tax or license costs.

Hidden costs cost control is simplified when using rental equipment.  When you return the equipment undamaged, the amount on the rental invoice is the amount that you pay.

Why make do with what is on hand some people will make do with what ever tools they may have on hand, often the tool or equipment on hand is not what is really required for that job, this could cause personal injury or property damage. By renting the correct tool or equipment you will be able to get that job done, not only safely but correctly.

Old outdated equipment normally rental centers will update their inventories on a regular basis, providing you with new, modern equipment.

Freeing up your capital renting what you require, rather than you investing in costly equipment, can free up your capital for more important uses.

Are you looking for tips on how to do that project with your rented equipment?

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